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Guadeloupe Cuisine


Local specialities

Guadeloupe´s cuisine mirrors its many cultures. The local Créole specialties combine the finesse of French cuisine with the spice of African cookery and the exoticism of East Indian and Southeast Asian recipes. Fresh seafood appears on most menus. Other specialties include shellfish, smoked fish, stuffed land crabs, stewed conch, and curry dishes. Guadeloupe is considered one of the true culinary capitals of the Caribbean, with some 200 restaurants recommended by the Tourist Office. Some are in hotels, some in lovely settings by the sea, and some on the front porches of the cooks´ homes. Local rum drinks often precede a meal and imported French wines often accompany it. Prices for a three-course meal for one person, without wine, range from inexpensive to moderate to expensive. Guadeloupe's most colorful culinary event is the Fête des Cuisinières held annually in early August.


Créole Cooking

Créole cuisine is a delicious mélange of French, African and Indian influences. Exotic seasonings ignite fresh seafood and poultry in prized recipes handed down from generation to generation. If you overindulge and burn your mouth on the hot seasonings, bread (pain) and butter (beurre) will help put out the fire. Local fruits, vegetables and beverages add to the wonderful flavors.

IslandBooker organizes cultural excursions and dining to enjoy the caribbean cuisine. You'll dine in one of Guadeloupe's most sophisticated restaurants, discover the secrets of the Creole cuisine and taste your way through the island in a culinary tour.